Winchester Fir Artificial Tree

Winchester Fir Artificial Tree
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Winchester Fir Artificial Tree


Winchester Fir Artificial Tree

Winchester Fir Artificial Tree


Fall in love at first sight of the robust, perfectly symmetrical Winchester Fir Artificial Tree, a masterpiece that delights designers with its elegant, professional display. Featuring realistic brown pinecones nestled among long, thick needles with expandable lower branches to create a lush interior.



tree Height tree Diameter layers tips decorations
7ft (210CM) 58" 7 805 64pcs pinecone +64sets redberry
6ft (180CM) 47" 5 515 25pcs pinecone +25sets redberry


Customer Reviews:


I LOVE IT! I WOULD HIGHLY RECOMMEND Winchester Fir Artificial Tree!

I really love this Christmas tree. I have an artificial tree purchased through a local hobby store that I keep at the top of our stairs, and the difference between this one is incredible. We have always been real tree fans, and it was not until this year I finally got my husband to agree to purchase an artificial. It is full, easy to assemble and has numerous decorations. It is beautiful all alone, I was thinking about just leaving the tree and not putting any ornaments on. Love, love, love it - why did I wait so long on getting an artificial tree?

-Dana A.




Winchester Fir Artificial Tree Design Elements:


★ A rustic beauty, delicately decorated with round pine cones

★ Brilliantly luster of the christmas tree leaves

★ Long green and rounded tip design

★ Dense foliage for a thick interior

★ Sturdy branches for hanging ornaments

★ Hinged tree branches for simple setup

★ Ample space for presents underneath

★ Matching wreath and garland available





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Winchester Fir Artificial Tree