Christmas lights-Christmas lights

People all over the United States decorations to celebrate Christmas. In a residential area of Texas, people with colorful Christmas lights decorated the House. Some family Christmas decoration comes with current political topics. A house owner explained why he had to make Christmas decorations. He said: "a lot of people see our Christmas decorations were amazed, saying: I have never seen this kind of decoration, it makes us happy, we feel we deserve. ”

For many Americans, an enduring symbol of Christmas is the National Christmas tree on the National Mall in Washington. In a nighttime ceremony, usually by the President or the first lady lit the Christmas lights on the tree. For many Christians, the Christmas candle is probably the best gift.

In Minnesota, a shopkeeper named Jin·fuersi is selling what he said the candles with the fragrance of Jesus. She said, this scent can bring comfort. This candle is a devout Christian couple according to the Bible's account are made out of. The Bible refers to Jesus ' clothes have the smell of cinnamon and myrrh, Chen Xiangmu