A Wide Variety Of Christmas Trees

Every year on the eve of Christmas, the streets, each city is put on a variety of large and small Christmas tree

December 24 is called Christmas Eve, is the family reunion, together Christmas dinner, each gift moment. The Christmas tree is a must for the festivals. It is usually covered with small fir trees or pine trees, and the branches are covered with ornaments, gifts and lanterns. There is a bright star on the top of the tree to indicate the way that the three kings of the East go to Bethlehem The According to legend, Christmas Tree the German religious reformer Martin Luther decorated the world's first Christmas tree, so that all people can enjoy the Christmas night stars flashing the beauty of the mountains next night. Christmas is another indispensable role of Santa Claus, taken from the 4th century junior Asia bishop of a Christian bishop of St. Nicholas. People believe that the Christmas Eve will have a white red robe of the elderly carrying a red bag full of gifts, Christmas Tree riding a deer from the yacht from the distant Arctic, from the chimney into the home of each child, the toys and gifts into the child Their socks. Therefore, the children before going to sleep should put socks on the fireplace, and leave some delicious food to Santa Claus. In addition, singing Christmas carols is also an important part of Christmas Eve. Christmas midnight also popular by the children dressed as three kings, Christmas Tree singing hymns to each household informed of the birth of Christ good news.

A wide variety of Christmas trees, there are natural pine and cypress trees, there are artificial Christmas tree and white Christmas tree. Every Christmas tree is covered with an array of ornaments, but the top of each tree must have a large star, like the sinking guide the East Dr. 3 to find the stars of Jesus. Christmas Tree And in the traditional customs, only the family of the Lord can put this hope star hanging, others can not preemptive.