Christmas Garland Buying Guide

Christmas Garland Buying Guide

A Christmas garland is a decorative wreath or cord that can be made up of various holiday-inspired items. It is very popular for decorating Christmas trees as well as the inside and outside of homes. Garlands can be created using both artificial and natural foliage in different design patterns. Although garlands are now considered a common Christmas decoration, Christmas garland has its roots in the post-harvest traditions of Europe and the early American settlers who brought the custom to the New World. Christmas garlands come in different types and styles or can be made from scratch using items that represent Christmas, such as evergreen branches and berries. Some garlands have lights while others have beads or flocking that looks like snow. This guide explores how Christmas garlands became a popular decoration item, different uses for garlands in decoration, the different types of Christmas garlands that can be purchased or made, and how to find Christmas garlands online using

Christmas garland

History of Christmas Garlands

The Christmas garland tradition dates back to the early Europeans who strung together ropes of garland as a way to make extra money after the fall harvest when there was little else to do. During this idle period between harvest and Christmas, workers would venture into the woods and gather foliage together to construct garlands. Pine, spruce, and cedar branches were often the most popular items that people used to make garlands, but cornhusks, orange peels, mosses, and dried fruits were also popular.

Families often gathered together around the light of the fireplace in the evenings to twist the items they had gathered throughout the day into the garland ropes, which could be as much as 20 to 40 yards in one evening. Because the garlands were made just after the harvest season, which was just prior to the holiday season, the garlands became a signifier of the beginning of the Christmas season.

In the early 1900s natural foliage was becoming more scarce in the forests and countryside. People began to turn toward artificial plastic items in order to make their garlands. Plastic evergreen and holly became popular at the time due to the absence of natural items. Eventually, silk was used to create flowers and greenery and these soon became the items most commonly used to make garlands because of their realistic appearance. In the 1960s, vinyl and PVC became popular materials used in the construction of garlands because of their low production costs and realistic appearance.

Various Uses for Garland

Christmas garlands are the most common decorative element of Christmas outside of the Christmas tree. Today, garlands signify the coming of the holiday season much in the same way it has for hundreds of years. Garlands have many different uses when it comes to creating a warm holiday ambiance in the home.



Christmas Tree

Often used to rope around the Christmas tree; can be made of various items such as popcorn, tinsel, or lights; creates a festive appearance


Usually wrapped around the banister or hung on the outside of it for decorative effect; links festive decor on the main floor to floor above; brightens stairways


Placed around the front of the fireplace; provides a natural campfire-type atmosphere to the home


Runs along the top of the fireplace mantle or dangles in front of it; outlines the fireplace with natural and festive decor; enhances the appeal of the flames


Can be hung on porches and railing to accent Christmas lights; can be placed on trees and bushes to create holiday feel


Provides excellent trim around doors and doorways that accent the holiday spirit; easily noticed when moving from one room to the next

Christmas garlands are made from many different materials to suit each of the areas in the table above. The materials chosen should complement the colors and materials in the area.

Different Types of Christmas Garlands

Garlands come in many different designs to suit different needs when it comes to decorating for the Christmas season. Christmas garland is usually sold in lengths of approximately 9 feet with diameters normally ranging between 6 to 8 inches. Higher priced garland can be as wide as 10 to 20 inches if desired, but thinner garland is more practical for most decorating needs such as trim around doors and on mantles.

Pre-Lit Garlands

Lighted garlands have small lights that are interwoven within the main material of the garland rope to provide very unique and inviting decor. The lights can be clear, colored, LED, or multiple colors depending on the desire of the individual. Pre-lit Christmas garland is very popular for placing on fireplace mantles, Christmas trees, and on staircase banisters.

Traditional Pine

Pine garlands are a common and multi-purpose garland that can be used in every decorative situation. Pine garlands most resemble the original natural items that were collecting in the forests to produce garlands hundreds of years ago. This gives it a very traditional appeal that matches nicely with antique and classical motifs. Pine garlands can be pre-lit or can be mixed with other types of garlands to create various effects. They are commonly used in all areas of the home for decoration.

Beaded Garlands

Beaded garlands come in different sizes and shapes and in a variety of colors depending on the style of beads that are used. Acrylic crystal and glass beads are popular holiday accents in various colors and they can be intertwined with other types of garlands to create a unique effect. Beaded garlands are most commonly used as an accent on banisters and around doorways, but can used in all areas of decoration especially in combination with other types of garlands.

Berry Garlands

Berry garlands are a very popular garland type that can be used on their own or mixed with other types in order to accent them. It is frequently used with pine garlands because of the traditional appeal. Berries were one of the items that people procured from the woods to make garland hundreds of years ago. They would let the berries dry and harden and then use them along with vines to make beautiful garland ropes. Today, the berries are synthetic and come in many different colors and patterns. Artificial berries have the advantage of appearing as though they were just picked, unlike natural berries that had to be dried. Berry garlands are useful everywhere in the home but shine in areas that require a more delicate touch such as kitchens or bathrooms.

Tinsel Garlands

Tinsel garlands are one of the most festive types of garland with its shimmering material that mimics the effect of ice. Tinsel garlands are most commonly used on Christmas trees where it is looped around the tree, but it is also very popular on banisters where its sparkling properties create a dazzling effect. Tinsel garlands come in many different styles and colors to suit any style of décor.

Flocked Garlands

Flocked garlands are similar to pine garlands but are covered in an artificial substance that resembles snow. Flocked garlands are especially appealing when the decorator wants to give the impression of a snowy Christmas, and the traditional pine garland mixed with the snowy flocking creates just that appeal. Flocked garlands are usually found on a fireplace mantle or hearth, or anywhere a traditional pine garland might be placed.

How to Buy Christmas Garlands:

When searching for Christmas garlands to purchase online, the best way to find the product you are looking for is by utilizing the powerful search tools available on Simply go to the website home page and enter a search term like Christmas garland into the search box. This will return a number of different auction results that feature garland of various styles and types that relate to Christmas. You can refine your search by selecting various categories that will narrow your search according to more specific aspects that you are interested in. If the search results are still too broad, you can enter more specific keyword terms that detail color or whether you want lighted or unlit garland types. Once you have decided upon the exact garland you are interested in, the next step is to verify the seller.







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Christmas garlands are one of the most common decorative items that are associated with Christmas, almost as much as the Christmas tree. In prior centuries, garlands were manufactured by idle field workers after the harvest was over using natural items that they gathered from the forest and countryside. Christmas garlands were made into rope lengths up to 40 yards long and could be wrapped around light posts and trees alike to create a celebratory atmosphere within the town. Today, Christmas garlands similarly signal the onset of the holiday season by providing the same decorative spirit that they have done for hundreds of years. Many materials are used to make Christmas garlands, from tinsel to berries. Decorators can find any kind of garland in a variety of colors and sizes by searching on We makes it fast and easy to find Christmas garlands that will add a special touch to anyone's Christmas decorations.