Christmas Tree Is An Indispensable Ornament

Christmas trees really appear in Germany first, then in Europe and the United States to become indispensable decorations for Christmas. They usually use colorful lights, wax, gifts or angels to install the Christmas tree, especially in the northwestern United States, Christmas Tree because of the rich local forest resources, they will be the whole family to choose a real tree as the Christmas tree.

When it comes to the tree, many people's first reaction is the pine tree, in fact, only half the first and most authentic Christmas tree species are actually fir tree species, Christmas Tree because the plant in winter leaves are not easy to fall off, and the color and taste are not strong, very suitable. What is the tree, Fir is the most authentic Christmas tree species.

In fact, in addition to fir, pine species are all possible, such as silver fir, white fir, which is the most primitive of the two kinds of Christmas trees. The Caucasian fir is also a common type of Christmas tree.

There are a few pine trees in some places suitable for Christmas trees, Christmas Tree and in response to the call for environmental protection, more Christmas trees are replaced with plastic, so that not only a tree can be used for a long time, but also more economical. The tree is what tree, now generally uses the plastic to make the FIR the appearance to sell.

Christmas tree up the evergreen tree as part of the Christmas celebration. Because the pine trees are evergreen, the evergreen tree symbolizes the eternal life given to Christians who believe in Christ. The pointed treetops pointed to the Kingdom of heaven. The stars dotted the tops of the trees represent the special star that guides the wise to Bethlehem to find Jesus. Christmas Tree The light of the stars is meant to bring to the world the Bright Jesus Christ. The gift under the tree represents the gift that God brings to the world through his only son: Hope, love, joy and peace.