Christmas Tree Lamp Dress Up Skill

More and more people with the Christ wind Christmas, inevitably to decorate the Christmas tree cost a brain. The Christmas tree lamp is the most basic decoration, Christmas Tree With Light the proportion is suitable, the winding hanging graceful Christmas tree lamp can make the festival more moving and more shiny.

Christmas tree lamp Dress up skill

Christmas comes, a lot of people are busy buying things to dress up the Christmas tree, in which the Christmas tree lamp is certainly essential. But how does the Christmas tree light decorate? What color of the Christmas tree light is better to look at?

1, red, green, symbolizing the festive. Warm red can bring us enthusiasm, hope, the traditional green Christmas decoration is the main color of the United States Christmas, Christmas Tree With Light is also the most common family use of the layout of color, it can highlight the festive atmosphere. Santa Claus in red, red ribbons, bells, with green Christmas tree, red dishes with green napkins, red and green garlands, etc., Christmas Tree With Light are to create a warm Christmas atmosphere good accessories.

2, gold, symbol of fashion. Golden Christmas style is in recent years, because of its strong sense of fashion, gold is also becoming the main color of Christmas decorations. Low-profile luxurious flavor, displayed in the glittering color and the pattern of the rose. And decorate the Christmas tree ornaments, Christmas Tree With Light pendants to the main gold-plated, golden flashing for home to add a bright new color.

3, white, silver, symbolizing purity. White and its extended color-silver is the main color of Christmas in Europe, it symbolizes the purity of the Holy Virgin Mary, is the theme of Christmas color. Pure white color like snow, fluttering in the air, flakes falling on the tree, the streets. Christmas Tree With Light Like a silver or White Christmas style friends, try to put a silver Christmas tree in the bedroom, in the tree as much as possible using silver ribbons and silver bells. To make the silver theme of the Christmas tree more prominent, the light bulb is also a good choice