Christmas Tree Lamp Performance Is Very Stable

More and more people with the Christ over the Christmas, can not help but to arrange a Christmas tree for some brains. Holy Christmas tree lights are the most basic decoration, the proportion of the right, winding the hanging of the Christmas tree tree tree can make the festival more moving and more shiny.

Remember to fit the right tool before decorating the Christmas tree. Such as the use of electric ladder rather than casually to find a stool to pad high; the use of standard wire and power extension cord; each string of Christmas tree lights on the bulb can not pick too much, about 500 for a string, Christmas Tree With Light if you need more To be divided into multiple strings are connected to the plug.

The Christmas tree lights up together

Will be wrapped in the Christmas tree on the first Christmas tree lights into a ball, it sounds a bit redundant. In fact, this can be avoided in the decoration of the Christmas tree lights between the tangled together, in addition, it is convenient to take the clock tree lights, hand winding, not mess, Christmas Tree With Light braving the risk of tripping their own.

Simple winding method

First turn the Christmas tree lights, so that when you can intuitively see the formation of the pattern, from the top of the tree down to decorate.

If the Christmas tree in the corner, you can from the side of the tree involved to the other side, Christmas Tree With Light along the front of the Christmas tree has been decorated to the bottom can be.

If the Christmas tree is placed in front of the window, you can walk around the tree 360 degrees, before and after you can see the light.

Christmas tree lights are also known as LED lights, the English name is called LED Strip, the shape of this product is like a tape, plus the main product is the original LED, so it was called the Christmas tree lights. It is generally made of lamp beads, circuit boards, Christmas Tree With Light PVC raw materials and so on.

The performance and characteristics of Christmas tree lights

1. Christmas tree light to import chip package of light-emitting diode as a light source;

2. Christmas tree light angle design of the larger, half-angle angle> 120 degrees, uniform color, no stains;

3. Christmas tree light selection of LED dedicated constant voltage power supply, the circuit design for the constant current loop, the work performance is very stable, so to ensure normal life> 50,000 hours;

4. Christmas tree lights color consistency, color red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white;

5. Christmas tree light installation convenient and quick, after a one-time injection waterproofing treatment, waterproof grade IP65, plastic parts are installed card position, do not need any accessories, Christmas Tree With Light can be installed directly in the word hole and fixed;

6. Christmas tree lights to undertake perforated Christmas tree processing;

7. Christmas tree lights may be colorful and full color controller to achieve colorful jump, gradient, monochrome, Christmas Tree With Light full color flutter and other effects.