Christmas Tree Light Is A Good Place To Create A Warm Christmas Atmosphere

Christmas tree lights and tree shape ingenious combination, is a new type of landscape decorative lighting. Appearance modeling realistic, beautiful, practical. Is a good place to create a warm atmosphere of Christmas.

Christmas tree light is a new type of simulation landscape lights. Christmas Tree With Light Environmental protection, long life, beautiful. Tree leaves for the simulation material, light source for the LED, the height is generally 2-7 meters, widely used in square, courtyard, leisure square, lobby and other places. Christmas Tree With Light Its energy-saving and durable features make up for the lack of traditional landscape lights, is the revolutionary products of similar lamps.

two. Analysis:

1. The price of the tree light is based on the height of the lamp, the diameter and the number of leaves (the number of leaves and the number of LED particles the same lamp) and the color of the lamp (color red, yellow, blue, white, green and Pink, Christmas Tree With Light red and yellow the lowest price, followed by blue, white, green and pink the highest) to calculate the size of the tree light to use the environment according to the tree lights and the number of lights to design. Now we use the height of the tree lamp is generally indoor 70 cm-350cm, outdoor 400cm-700cm, can also be customized according to the actual site needs.

2. Material Description:

LED tree main stem for the steel pipe, branches for the steel pipe or steel, outsourcing simulation bark. Are used to prevent high temperature 60 degrees / low temperature -35 degrees / UV / anti-aging environmentally friendly materials, leaves for the flexible anti-aging material, the light source for the Christmas tree lights, are waterproof, low-pressure low-life long life.

3. Christmas tree lamp voltage and protection level Description:

220 volts voltage input, tree light source actual voltage of 12-54 volts (built-in transformer), energy saving, can guarantee the use of security. Christmas tree lights is different from other LED lighting products, Christmas Tree With Light DC low voltage can be reduced in the outdoor due to weather caused by damage, and then add light on the double heat shrink tubing protection can effectively avoid wind and water damage.

4. Installation and maintenance instructions:

Leaves and LED particles light fixed on each branch, the construction side as long as the product itself in accordance with the connection slot fixed, Christmas Tree With Light and then the main shaft and the corresponding power cord plug connector can be connected, strong and convenient. Christmas tree lamp maintenance than other landscape lights simple and convenient, just need to remove the light string, install a new light string can be.