Christmas Tree Lights With Waterproof Features

Christmas tree lights are mainly used for festive decoration and Christmas decoration, it has a waterproof feature and can be directly into the water. The main features of the product: waterproof, environmental protection, the end of the temperature, a small amount of electricity at the end of the voltage, Christmas Tree With Light long life, wide range of applications, light string and can be woven into a variety of modeling light string and the various Kind of difficult crafts.

Christmas tree light bead color: red, yellow, green, blue, white, warm white, purple, pink, RGB and colorful, and colorful lights are bright, flashing changes, wavy changes, continuous changes, flash changes , Slow flash changes, water changes, gradually dark changes, colorful and other forms of change, very beautiful.

Christmas tree light series: snowflake type, five-pointed star type, flower type, diamond type, rice grain type, Christmas tree type, round type and so on!

Christmas tree lights line distance can be customized according to customer requirements, the conventional line distance: 3cm.5cm.6cm.10cm.15cm.20cm.30cm and other conventional light from

Christmas tree light installation easy to use, just plug the plug power to the lamp around the place you want, furnish you want to put the shape, Christmas Tree With Light and then pull the power supply, light string will immediately light up the light you want Effect, and can be waterproof, low energy consumption, green and pollution-free and practical, indoor and outdoor are easy, do not heat without soup, hands can be any touch, safe and reliable, Christmas Tree With Light soft and high degree of operation convenient quick and easy, easy to play Care for the elderly children are applicable, the product of human design, so you save the difficulty of using the installation of trouble.

Christmas tree lights Features: energy saving, long life, colorful, modeling exquisite, diverse, light and soft, safe and reliable power can be up to dozens of light mode selection can be monochrome changes, speed jitter change, colorful color, color gradient The The biggest advantage is the waterproof rating IP65, Christmas Tree With Light indoor and outdoor are available, such as KTV, bar, city lighting project, Christmas decoration, holiday decoration.


Wire color: copper, silver, gold, black, color, according to the requirements of the guests choose.

Modeling: seeds, snowflakes, heart-shaped, five-pointed star, Christmas tree, Christmas Tree With Light octagonal flowers, skulls. According to your request to design new shapes.

Color: red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, pink, purple, color, RGB.

Voltage: 3V / 4.5V / 6V / 12V / 24V., Safe and reliable power can be configured 2A, 2AA, 3AA, 4AA, 2CR2032 battery box, can also be configured 12V, Christmas Tree With Light 24V and other transformers.