Christmas Tree Ornaments

The Christmas tree is a part of the Christmas celebration with candles and ornaments that decorate fir trees or pines. Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. The Germans arranged a fir tree (the tree of the Garden of Eden) at the home on December 24, Adam and the Day of the Day, and hung the biscuits on it, symbolizing the sanctuary (the mark of the Christian atonement). Modern use of all kinds of cookies instead of holy bread, but also often added a symbol of Christ candles. In addition, the interior also has a Christmas tower, is a wooden triangle structure, there are many small grid placed Christ statue, the tower decorated with evergreen foliage, Christmas Tree candles and a star. By the 16th century, Christmas towers and Eden trees were merged into Christmas trees

Now more and more people are Christmas, many families like to have a Christmas dinner in Christmas. In addition to eating better, but also to do at home to decorate the atmosphere ah. Christmas tree is the most basic Christmas decoration, the previous Christmas tree is very large, if not a yard do not engage in the. But now the Christmas tree is big, small, complex, and abstract. Even if you do not have any mansion, Christmas Tree you can also keep a Christmas tree at home.


Wooden Christmas tree ornaments

This Christmas tree is made of coarse hemp rope, laser engraved, fine and beautiful. Usually have a lot of ornaments, but most are monotonous qualities, bright colors more festive atmosphere. If you are a lack of space, you can also hang them in your larger Christmas tree, or on the windowsill, or on the rope of the gift box to give friends and relatives, Christmas Tree give them a surprise.

Some people say that the world's most environmentally friendly thing is the Christmas tree, only once a year, and raw materials can not be degraded. But in fact, there are daily use of the Christmas tree. For example, this Christmas tree shape note folder. In addition to being able to put on the desktop when the furnishings, but also a note on the note above, record to avoid forgotten important events. And it is wrapped with metal wire look, but also people can see the Christmas tree can be very delicate.

With the wood, some simple colors, some soft little fresh color, Christmas Tree and some are big red and green festival color, this is a wooden tree is the last of this. Bright colors can not be expressed, can only be said that the high purity Red is red, green is green. And the middle of some hollow round, each inside there are wooden dolls, what snowman ah, Santa Claus ah Four corners are the same, like the ancient tower of the tower hanging the same tower. So that the whole Christmas tree immediately fresh up.

Honeycomb paper flower flowers Christmas tree

The first few woods, the wire of the Christmas tree finished, we found these guys regardless of size, all very hard. If the site needs to change, it is not very convenient. Fortunately, there is a Christmas tree with a pull of flowers. The principle of the action of this Christmas tree is also very simple. Is to use the part of the paper sticky way together, once opened is a honeycomb shape. And then a turn, it became a three-dimensional conical Christmas tree it Is not it convenient? And this is usually easy to store. Just let them stack up, into a sheet on the line. The second year can also be used, it can be said that the most environmentally friendly and efficient Christmas tree it

Large Christmas tree

For the home is not lack of space, only the lack of the atmosphere of the land of the family, get a big Christmas tree at home or very good. Although no matter how much the Christmas tree can be done, but many are bare trees, the above decoration but also to buy their own. How much to buy, how are with the problem. If you are a person who does not want to consider these, then this tree is very suitable for you. Christmas Tree It is decorated with a variety of. You receive the goods, open the package, just need to do assembly, and then hung up the decorations just fine friends.

DIY Christmas tree

Although it can be used to get a finished product is very convenient, but this is missing the experience of fun. If it is not realistic to let you take a 6-meter-high Christmas tree, do you make a Christmas tree like a Christmas card? The Korean tree is a semi-finished product. Probably the outline and the shape are drawn. Just cut them down and assemble them up. The middle of this Christmas tree there are layers of snow, feeling very Meng, very cute.