Christmas Tree Symbolizes Life

The Christmas tree is evergreen, and this evergreen tree symbolizes the eternal life that Christians have given to Christ. Pointed treetops point to heaven. The stars dotted on the top of the tree represent the special star that guides the wise man to Bethlehem's search for Jesus. The light of the stars means to bring the world to the light of Jesus Christ. The gift under the tree represents the gift of God through the only son of the world: hope, love, joy and peace.

Christmas trees are usually made of evergreen trees such as cedar, a symbol of life forever.

Christmas tree is one of the important elements of Christmas, modern Christmas tree originated in Germany, and later gradually popular in the world, as Christmas celebrations in one of the most famous tradition. The following is the study of Xiao Bian collection of Christmas tree on the style, I hope to help you.

1, this Christmas tree is very beautiful. Trunk wrapped around a lot of colorful little lanterns, like a small star, in the green leaves between the sparkling. Christmas Tree The branches are hung with a variety of decorations.

2, the distance, the Christmas tree like a green crown. Far away, the main tree of the Christmas tree is very thick, to two people can hold up. Its trunk is winding, Christmas Tree like numerous pythons around. The tree caught up with many scars, like a wounded veteran.

3, my family has a Christmas tree branches, dark green leaves hanging on a lot of small ornaments. There are Santa Claus, small Ling pan, small ball and exquisite gift box and so on. There are many colorful lanterns hanging from the Christmas tree. When it turns on the power like a lot of colored stars in the blink of an eye.

4, my mother and I first selected a Christmas tree, it's taller than me! Then, we began to carefully select some fine small pendant to decorate the Christmas tree. I chose a beautiful big five-pointed star, the outside is silver, which is pink, the middle of gold embroidered with English "Merry Christmas", looks like a glitter; I chose a golden Circle children, it has a few pieces below the green leaves, green leaves in the middle of two shiny red fruit and a beautiful little red flowers. Mother picked a bunch of bright red grapes, above a yellow bow, Christmas Tree bright grapes can reflect my mother and I smile. We also chose a lovely Christmas snowman, red print fan, three white foam snow piece and a box of colorful flashing lights.

5, a wide variety of Christmas trees, there are natural pine and cypress trees, there are artificial Christmas tree and white Christmas tree. Every Christmas tree is covered with an array of ornaments, but the top of each tree must have a large star, a symbol of three brothers to follow the star and find Jesus, Christmas Tree and only the family of the family can put this hope Star hanging on.

6, the leaves of the Christmas tree are green all year round, there are light green, and dark green. The long leaves are round, and then grow spikes. Finally, the leaves grow six horns, dark green and green. The leaves touched the hand, like the tiger's claws. So people call it "tiger tree".