Christmas Tree Symbolizes Life Recovery

Christmas trees are one of the most celebrated traditions of Christmas celebrations. Usually people put a evergreen like a pine tree into a house or outdoors around Christmas and decorate it with Christmas lights and colorful decorations. And put an angel or a star on top of the tree. An evergreen tree decorated with candle and decorations, as part of the Christmas celebrations. The modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. The Germans decorate a fir tree (the Tree of Eden) at home on December 24 each year, Adam and Eve, and hang the pancakes on top, Christmas Tree symbolizing the holy bread (the mark of Christian Atonement). In modern times, the use of various cookies instead of the holy bread, often accompanied by a symbol of Christ candle. In addition, the interior is also equipped with a Christmas tower, is a wooden triangular structure, with many small shelves placed on the statue of Christ, Christmas Tree the tower decorated with evergreen foliage, candles and a star. By 16th century, the Christmas tower and the Garden of Eden were merged into Christmas trees.

This custom was popular among believers in the German Lutheran Church in the 18th century, but it was not until 19th century that the country became popular, becoming a deeply rooted German tradition. At the beginning of 19th century, the Christmas tree was spread to England, and the husband of Queen Victoria and the German Prince Albert were popularized in the mid 19th century. Victorian Christmas trees are decorated with candles, Christmas Tree candies and assorted pastries, and are hung on branches with ribbons and paper chains. As early as 17th century, the Christmas tree was brought to North America by German settlers and was popular in 19th century. In Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands are also quite popular. In China and Japan, the Christmas tree was introduced by American missionaries in 19 and 20th century, Christmas Tree decorated with colourful flowers.

Christmas Tree History

Like Christmas originated in pagan customs, Christmas trees also have a distant history, and become a common phenomenon in many cultures in winter. Christmas trees are generally interpreted as Christmas trees. Ancient pagan claims were preserved in Christianity, Christmas Tree and evergreen trees symbolize the celebration of life's revival.

Roman Empire period, ancient Roman mosaic (present Tunisia), showing the myth triumphant from India's Greek wine God and male fertility, Dionysus (Dionysus, modern scholars think he is the god of reincarnation) holding a branch of a conifer tree. The Christian process can also be confirmed in the dream of the Cross of ancient English poetry (Dream of the Rood), in which the tree is the torture instrument of Jesus ' torture. Christmas Tree The poem also cites the identification of good and evil trees recorded in Genesis.

Modern customs cannot directly prove pagan customs. The earliest documents can be traced back to Germany in the 16th century; Ingeborg Weber-keller, a professor of European anthropology at Marburg, identified a 1570 Bremen Industry Association annual brochure How to use a cold shirt plus apples, nuts, dates, coconut, Christmas Tree Biscuits and paper flowers are decorated in guild houses to delight the children of members of the industry association who collect candy for Christmas. Another reference is from Basel, Christmas Tree where a tailor-made apprentice carried a tree decorated with apples and cheese near the city in 1597.

The decorations on the Christmas tree seem to be similar around the world. Because Christmas is in winter, the Christmas tree is used in evergreen trees. It is mostly a four or five-foot-tall small palm tree, or small pine, planted in a large flowerpot, covered with colourful little candles or light bulbs, Christmas Tree and a variety of decorations and ribbons, as well as the children's toys and gifts from their families. After decorating, put it in the corner of the living room. If it is placed in a church, auditorium, or public place, the Christmas tree is relatively tall, Christmas Tree and the tree can also be placed under the gift.

According to the Christmas customs records, the first Christmas tree is a small palm tree on the roadside of white cold city. On the first night of Jesus ' birth, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph, when they went to the white-cold city, were very tired, and the Virgin was resting under that tree for a while, and the little palm tree, like a favored one, unfolded its branches and gave the Virgin a cold wind. In the middle of the night, Christmas Tree Jesus Christ was born. At this time, a particularly bright star appeared in the sky, emitting a wonderful light, directly into the small palm tree head, circled into a beautiful aperture. Since then, the small palm trees in Christmas, occupies a seat of glorious position. As for the Christmas tree to be popular all over the world, it is only 19th century. In medieval times, Germany's popular religious dramas, in the Garden of Eden, after God made a man, Adam and Eve betrayed God, the play with a palm tree is covered with apple, representing "Tree of Life" or "know Good and evil tree." Later, the "Tree of Life" in Faithful's game was moved home, symbolizing the advent of the Savior. With this symbolic development, by the 15th century, decorating the Christmas tree, has become a custom.