Common Species


Songbo class is in the Gymnosperm Coniferopsida Sonko (Pinaceae) and taxodiaceae (Taxodiaceae), Cupressaceae (Cupressaceae) and the Araucaria family (Araucariaceae) collectively. Which, Cupressaceae of trees most not rendering Triangle Tower-like, very less was as Christmas tree using; while Nanyang Cedar section trees native Yu southern hemisphere (is located in southern hemisphere of New Zealand, and Australia, to except), usually only in southern hemisphere as Christmas tree to with, other area very less used to as Christmas tree; in Sonko and Cedar section in the, due to pine section by has of species number but taxodiaceae of more than 10 times, so pine section of plant often was as Christmas tree. 

Pinaceae Abies

Pinaceae Abies (Abies) of more than 10 kinds of trees are used as Christmas trees in the world than any other species, due to fir tree, beautiful, color and smell delightful and leaf cut after drying is not easy to take off, becoming the most popular Christmas tree species. FIR (Abies alba, also known as the FIR, silver fir) is deemed to be the most traditional Christmas tree. 


Spruce and fir trees with Tower, and bar hard leaves, is one of the main tree species of the Christmas tree. Among them, the Norway spruce (Picea abies), easy to grow, low price and is therefore very common Christmas tree species. 


Pine is a member, such as the Scots pine, lycopodium, pine, and in some areas will be selected as a Christmas tree. Than firs and spruces, dosage is much smaller.