Fiber-optic Christmas Trees Are Highly Ornamental

Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Division variable light carrier belongs to the field of family life decoration. It consists of a shell, a light source, the ribbon and the optical fiber beam positioning device are composed of a color band located between the light source and the fiber bundle, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree and can be run continuously under the small transmission mechanism; The ribbon surface is divided into two or more regions, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree and different regions are formed by different color combinations, each region has its own law of color change. Light through the ribbon, through the fiber bundle in the positioning sleeve, along different paths to the end of the fiber optic wire. The corresponding optical fiber bundle of the same area on the ribbon emits light of the same color at the same time, and the corresponding optical fiber bundle in the neighboring region emits a different color at the same time.

Fiber Christmas tree production process. Fiber-optic filaments are evenly arranged on a plane or cylinder with double-sided or other adhesives and leaves pasted together, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree the angle between the fiber and the double-sided adhesive between the 40°-85°, while the direction of the fiber and the direction of the arrangement of the leaves are similar. The glued filaments and leaves are evenly wound to the branches, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree and the filaments are evenly distributed over the branches, and the luminous points are located at the top of the leaves. The fiber-optic Christmas tree, which is made by the method of the invention, is uniformly distributed to the luminous point of the fiber-optic filament, which emits dazzling light and is highly ornamental.

Fiber-optic Christmas tree with high security, power, color diversity of characteristics, it has a base in the tree basin, fire cattle, color lights, color basins, etc., it is the Christmas tree in the Christmas tree, using optical fiber to lose the characteristics of the lost, through the Christmas tree bottom basin installed color light source, shot in the color lamp above the color basin, transmits to the optical fiber end thus illuminates the Christmas tree, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree because the color basin is rotating so the Christmas tree's optical fiber reveals the various colors the light, forms the dazzling color Christmas tree.