Historical Stories

Yiqian Germany Alsace was produced where the Christmas tree. According to legend, a monastic Saint named Alex Le Lunting, lived in a forest of Alsace, he is very fond of children. One Christmas, he wanted near the child, can happy to play together, but he is very poor, no money for a children's favorite toys and candy, so his nerves for this.

One morning, Alex Le Lunting, while taking a walk in the Woods, he saw a small fir tree, piles of snow on the trees, branches hanging on the many small ice, after exposure to the Sun, sparkling, and very beautiful. He put the tree back, planted in pots inside. In the forest picking wild fruits, and flour, make some crosses, or star-shaped cookies, hanging in the branches above. And with some little candles, inserted in the branches, colorful dress the tree, very beautiful. By Christmas night, Le Lunting up Alex Bell, the children hear, all ran to his hut, around the tree, dancing and singing Christmas songs, and Alex Le Lunting eat cakes to the children, so that everyone had a Merry Christmas. Later, the custom spread.