Development and evolution

Christmas tree is said to have first appeared in the Roman Saturnalia Festival in mid-December, Germany missionaries nigusi in 8th century AD with a vertical tree dedicated to El Nino. Subsequently, German Festival on December 24, as Adam and Eve, symbol of the garden of Eden at home "paradise tree", on the stand for the cake, cookie, a symbol of sin and candles and ball, a symbol of Christ. By 16th century religious reformer Martin Luther, to obtain a starry Christmas Eve, design layout at home a ball filled with candles and Christmas trees.

In 18th century, begins in Germany Lutherans popular 19th century popular and Germany the country as Germany deeply rooted traditions.

Beginning of the 19th century, the Christmas tree to the United Kingdom;

Middle of the 19th century, Albert (Queen Victoria's husband, Germany Prince) and popularizing. Victorian Christmas tree decorated with candles, candy and fancy pastry, with a Ribbon and paper chains hanging on the branches.

As early as the 17th century Christmas tree from Germany brought immigrants to North America, 19th century and widely popular. In Austria, and Switzerland, and Poland and the Netherlands also was quite popular.

In China and Japan, the Christmas tree in the 19 and 20th century United States missionaries passed, many decorated with colorful paper flowers.