Making Trees

Natural or artificial trees were used as Christmas trees. Is the preferred tree species Abies natural trees (Abies), this kind of needle-shaped leaf dry leaf easy off, colors and smells good, but other types can also be used. General North European common are:

Silver fir, white fir Abies alba (the original species)

Caucasian FIR Abies nordmanniana

Wonderful Christmas trees (7) Grand firs Abies Procera

Norway Spruce Picea abies (usually cheaper)

Serbia Spruce Picea omorika

Scots pine Pinus sylvestris

South America:

Balsam Fir Abies balsamea

Fraser Fir Abies fraseri

Grand FIR Abies grandis

Noble fir Abies Procera

Red FIR Abies Magnifica

Douglas-fir Pseudotsuga menziesii

Scots pine Pinus sylvestris

Lycopodium Pinus pinea (as small table-top trees)

Some trees are often sold with roots and soil from nursery, you can migrate to outdoor cultivation after years of use of the new year. However, when digging the roots lose a lot, indoor environment and are generally at a higher temperature and humidity low, very harmful to the healthy trees, the survival rate is very low.

In addition, the European Holly (Ilex aquifolium), also known as the Christmas tree