PE Christmas Tree Compression Is Not Easy To Deform

PE Christmas Tree Advantages: safety, compression is not easy to deform

PE Christmas Tree 2.1 meters high, the height can be customized according to demand, PE Christmas Tree leaf material for PE leaves, add light snow effect, make the Christmas tree more lifelike, tree rod using wood material, base for the iron base, so that the PE Christmas tree more solid. PE Christmas Tree Quality in line with the export of European and American national standards.

PE Christmas tree is the use of PE materials Christmas tree leaves, fidelity and pressure than ordinary PVC Christmas tree is better, with PE leaves to produce the Christmas tree closer to the real trees, PE Christmas Tree by the consumer's favorite, Christmas placed at home or the company's door to decorate, appears more grade.

PE Christmas Tree

High: 2.1 meters (can be customized)

Material: PVC leaf

Tree feet: Iron legs

Ornaments: None

Lighting: (Can choose light or LED light)