Pe Christmas Tree Decorating Steps

Pe Christmas tree is the use of PE material pe Christmas leaves, fidelity and pressure than ordinary PVCpe Christmas tree is better, with PE leaves produced pe trees closer to the tree, by the consumer favorite, Christmas placed in the Home or company door decoration, it is more grade.

Pe Christmas tree

High: 2.1 m (can be customized)

Material: PVC leaf

Tree feet: iron feet

Decorations: None

Lighting: (optional light or LED lights)

Immediately to the Christmas, and now on the road already can see a lot of businesses have been decorated pe pe Christmas tree placed out, red and green, shiny very nice, pe Christmas tree is not a small symbol of Christmas, that Pe Christmas tree decorations which? How to decorate pe Christmas tree? Follow Xiaobian to understand the next:

Christmas is now in China is also very popular festivals, PE Christmas Tree every day a lot of business shops will be decorated pe Christmas tree used to set off the atmosphere, and this pe tree because of the decoration of different materials, the effect is different, but the total decorative steps or almost Let's see how to decorate the pe Christmas tree

Decoration pe Christmas tree Step one: first pe Christmas tree stent out to fix the foliage in the support frame, finishing each layer pe Christmas leaves, so that foliage expansion. PE Christmas Tree Decorated pe tree tree Step two: the branches and leaves in the pe Christmas tree, this is not limited how installed, according to their preferences layout, the commonly used way for the upper and lower cross, and then one by one assembly of the branches, careful not too neat, Keep a little bit of the natural posture of the tree. PE Christmas Tree Decorated pe Christmas tree Step three: the next can begin to arrange Christmas lights, the average layout lighting is the point. Can be layered around the pe tree or winding up and down the way. Finally, carefully selected jewelry hanging in the tree. In order to avoid the picture is too complicated, it is recommended not to choose too many kinds of jewelry, can choose the same color of the goods, decorated with the pe tree will have unexpected results.

Xiaobian reminder: in the layout of the Christmas lights, do not insert too many strings, it is best not to exceed 300W lights, that is, 100W lights do not interlock 3 string; 50 & #; W lights do not plug 6 strings, so as not to burn the bulb The In addition to the decoration of the Christmas lights, PE Christmas Tree you should first test the light string is normal, and then arranged; and diamond string, easy to hook caused by light bulb failure does not shine, the layout should pay special attention. Pe Christmas tree decoration is finished after the suggestion that we gently shake the jewelry to see have been firmly decorated in the tree.

Pe Christmas tree is the main ornament of Christmas, so as long as the pe Christmas tree decorated with a good Christmas atmosphere came out, pe Christmas tree decorations and many, PE Christmas Tree specifically what, how to decorate pe Christmas tree Xiaobian give you here to introduce here , And we hurry to try it now.