PE Christmas Tree Is More Grade

PE Christmas tree is the use of PE material Christmas leaves, fidelity and pressure than ordinary PVC Christmas tree better, with PE leaves produced by the Christmas tree closer to the real tree, PE Christmas Tree by the consumer favorite, Christmas placed at home or Company door decoration, it is more grade.

PE Christmas tree

High: 2.1 m (can be customized)

Material: PVC leaf

Tree feet: iron feet

Decorations: None

Lighting: (optional light or LED lights)

With the enhancement of people's environmental awareness, the Christmas tree industry is also facing environmental problems, PE Christmas Tree excessive deforestation caused by a large number of forest resources have been destroyed, and then the loss of soil resources, resulting in further damage to the natural environment. Due to the environmental problems of Christmas trees more and more people are concerned.

In recent years, made by the PE plastic PE Christmas tree, not only to the Christmas added a thick festive atmosphere, but also to the people around the world to promote low-carbon energy conservation, PE Christmas Tree environmental protection in the importance of recycling.

With the growing concern about environmental issues, PE Christmas tree environmental issues have been increasingly attention. The future more environmentally friendly material Christmas tree will be more and more. Recently, PE Christmas Tree the tree material is the mainstream of the tree, but there are many artificial use of environmentally friendly waste made of a symbol of Christmas tree modeling, on the one hand for the fun of Christmas, on the other hand save the natural forest resources. Can be described as double play.

Therefore, the purchase of Christmas trees to choose regular manufacturers, PE Christmas Tree because the regular manufacturers use environmentally friendly materials, with advanced technology, comprehensive services, not only conducive to conservation of natural resources, there can be a strong festive atmosphere for the festive