PVC Christmas Tree With Non-flammable

PVC for the amorphous structure of the white powder, the degree of branching is relatively small, the relative density of 1.4 or so, the glass transition temperature of 77 ~ 90 ℃, 170 ℃ or so began to break down [1], the stability of light and heat poor, above 100 ℃ or After prolonged sun exposure, it will decompose and produce hydrogen chloride, and further automatic catalytic decomposition, causing discoloration, physical and mechanical properties are rapidly declining, in practical applications must be added stabilizer to improve the stability of heat and light.

Industrial production of PVC molecular weight is generally in the range of 50,000 to 110,000, with a large polydispersity, molecular weight increases with the reduction of polymerization temperature; no fixed melting point, 80 ~ 85 ℃ began to soften, 130 ℃ into a viscous state , 160 ~ 180 ℃ began to change to viscous flow; have good mechanical properties, tensile strength of about 60MPa, impact strength of 5 ~ 10kJ / m2; excellent dielectric properties. <br/>

PVC was the world's largest production of general plastic, PVC Christmas Tree the application is very extensive. In the building materials, industrial products, daily necessities, floor leather, floor tiles, artificial leather, pipe, wire and cable, packaging film, bottles, foam materials, sealing materials, fiber, etc. are widely used.

PVC is polyvinyl chloride, English referred to as PVC (Polyvinylchloride), vinyl chloride monomer (vinylchloridemonomer, referred to as VCM) in the peroxide, azo compounds and other initiator; PVC Christmas Tree or in the light, heat Polymerized by polymerization of free radical polymerization. Vinyl chloride homopolymer and vinyl chloride copolymer collectively referred to as vinyl chloride resin. The material is a non-crystalline material. PVC materials in the actual use of often added stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing agents, colorants, impact agents and other additives. With non-flammability, high strength, PVC Christmas Tree weather resistance and excellent geometric stability. PVC has a strong resistance to oxidants, reducing agents and strong acids. However, it can be strongly oxidized acid such as concentrated sulfuric acid, concentrated nitric acid corrosion and does not apply with aromatic hydrocarbons, chlorinated hydrocarbons in contact with the occasion

PVC Christmas tree is an essential item for American family Christmas, for them there is no PVC Christmas tree Christmas is not called Christmas. In China, before Christmas, PVC Christmas Tree many people have to prepare PVC Christmas tree items, want the original PVC Christmas tree will go to the forest to see a tree, but you can also use the artificial PVC Christmas tree to open, the common artificial PVC Christmas tree, Is made of PVC material feather leaf wrapped metal stent made of smaller artificial PVC Christmas tree some will be attached by the wood cut off from the base. Size from 5 cm high placed on the table of ornaments, to 200 cm large arrangement tree. In recent years, more popular a "fiber optic PVC Christmas tree", as long as the power will be connected to a different shade.

If you are decorating a 6-foot PVC Christmas tree, PVC Christmas Tree you will need about six light cords, each with 100 lights, each light from the roots of the branches to the top, then turn back and wrap around the branches to make it firm. But also in the tree to hang some apples, pine cones, tie red silk festival, the Department of color candy, sweet apricot, there are lovely baby and other toys, as well as small gift box. The average arrangement of lighting is the point that can be layered around the PVC Christmas tree or winding up and down the way.

PVC Christmas tree jewelry which:

1, tree top star: tree top star is inserted in the PVC Christmas tree on a star, like a PVC Christmas tree crown, with the top of the tree dress, wear "crown" PVC Christmas tree will be quite a bit Xianqi. PVC Christmas Tree Some of the top of the tree can also be charged light, flashing very eye-catching.

2, puppet: dress in the gorgeous PVC tree on the branches of the tree hanging on a beautiful little puppet, let the children put it down.

3, snowflakes: green PVC in the Christmas tree covered with a variety of colors after the decorations, you will still feel like something less. Yes, it is white snowflakes. At the same time you can buy some big snow hanging on the roof, you can enjoy the snow in the room feeling.

4, bells: bells both from the birth of the birth of the Christian (the Savior came) the joy of the bell from the meaning of the joy of the bell, but also by the band to the bells so that people can return to God's side will not get lost The meaning of the ring at the same time also drive the meaning of demons.

5, apples and ruby: apples or red jade, also known as kugel ornaments, to Adam brought the original sin of the fruit, as the wisdom of Eden fruit, not only symbolizes the fruit to bring fruitful or happy fruit, red Jade as a tree in the garden to bring eternal life, and sometimes also symbolizes forever.

6, Christmas long green ring: Western countries Christmas decorations at the door with the decorations, usually with green foliage or rattan (loose hair, pine needles, etc.) and silver metal and gold bells with red ribbon The The main colors of green, white, yellow, red on behalf of happy festivals, PVC Christmas Tree which read merry chrismas, or abbreviated as x'mas.

PVC Christmas tree decorations In addition to the above several of the most important jewelry, but also includes Christmas balls, red lock gold edge bow, snow ball and a variety of colored ribbons and so on. These things make it easier to dress PVC Christmas tree more beautiful, the atmosphere of the festival more rich.