The Christmas Tree Originated In Germany

Modern Christmas trees originated in Germany, and later gradually popular in the world, as Christmas celebrations in one of the most famous tradition. Often people in the Christmas before and after an evergreen plant such as pine into the house or outdoors, and decorated with Christmas lights and color decorations. And put an angel or star on top of the tree.

How does the Christmas tree decorate?

The general Christmas tree is made of pvc material feather leaf wrapped metal stent, the smaller man-made Christmas tree some will be attached by the wood cut off from the base. Christmas Tree Size from 5 cm high placed on the table of ornaments, to 200 cm large layout tree. In recent years, more popular a "fiber optic Christmas tree", as long as the power will be connected to a different shade.

How does the Christmas tree decorate two?

If it is a larger size of the Christmas tree, usually the first bundle of the whole bundle to facilitate the handling, bought and then released. Christmas Tree Pay attention to the full stretch of branches will look to be alive, but the branches do not arrange too neat, to keep a little bit of natural shape is better.

How does the Christmas tree decorate three?

Then tied to a small jewelry, the top must choose a more dazzling jewelry, have the finishing touch of the effect, the commonly used is the golden five-pointed star, Christmas Tree you can put a delicate Santa Claus dolls. If you want to add will automatically turn off the flashing Christmas lights, but also pay attention to whether the power cord is long enough, whether the wire has been avoided walking line, each light line is firmly fixed, in particular, pay attention to whether the voltage is sufficient.