The Christmas Tree Symbolizes Life

Have a Christmas tree to prepare a Christmas tree to increase the joy of the festival atmosphere. Christmas trees are usually made of evergreen trees such as cedar, a symbol of life forever. The tree is decorated with a variety of candles, color flowers, toys, stars, hang a variety of Christmas gifts. Christmas night, people singing and dancing around the Christmas tree, enjoy the joy.

The utility model comprises the following components: the upper branch, Christmas Tree the connecting sleeve, the lower branch and the leaf connection sleeve and the spring piece. The utility model is connected with the connecting branch of the upper branch and the lower branch or the branch and the connecting sleeve The stability of the existing tree tree tree is poor, the whole tree is not strong, easy to loose, Christmas Tree unsightly and other shortcomings, and has to strengthen the stability of the whole tree, firmness, the stability of the tree, Easy to install, Christmas Tree functional and practical as a whole beautiful and easy to disassemble and so on.

Westerners to red, green and white for the Christmas color, Christmas comes home every family must use Christmas color to decorate. Red

Colors are Christmas flowers and Christmas candles. Christmas tree is the main ornament of Christmas, with felling of the fir, Christmas Tree cypress was a tower-shaped evergreen tree decoration. Christmas Tree Hanging above the colorful lanterns, gifts and paper flowers, but also lit Christmas candles.

It is said that the Christmas tree first appeared in ancient Rome in mid-December Nongshen Festival, the German missionary Nicholas in the 8th century with the vertical tree dedicated to the baby. Then the Germans put December 24 as the festival of Adam and Eve, Christmas Tree and put on the "garden of the garden" which symbolized the Garden of Eden, and hung the cookies on behalf of the holy bread, symbolizing the atonement, and the candle and the symbol of Christ. To the 16th century, the religious reformer Martin Luther, in order to get a star of Christmas night, designed to set a home at home with candles Christmas tree. However, the West on the origin of the Christmas tree is another popular saying: there is a good farmer, on Christmas Day, Christmas Tree warmly entertained a wandering child, parting, the child folded a branch inserted on the ground branches grow Tree, the child pointed to the tree to the farmers said that every year today, Christmas Tree the trees are covered with gifts to repay your hospitality. So, today's people see the Christmas tree is always covered with a small gift.