The Development Of Pine Trees

According to the records of the Christmas custom, the first pine tree is a small palm tree on the roadside of the white city. On the first night of the birth of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and St. Joseph went to the cold city, very tired, the Virgin fell on the tree for a while, that small palm tree, as if favored Looks like, unfolded its branches, to the Virgin Mary to withstand the cold wind blowing. In the middle of the night Jesus Christ was born. At this time, the sky appeared a particularly bright stars, issued a wonderful light, Pine Christmas Tree directly hit the small palm tree head, circled into a beautiful aperture. Since then, small brown tree in the Christmas, it accounted for a glorious position.

Medieval times, the popular religious drama in Germany, in a game of Eden, after the creation of God, Adam Eve betrayed God when the play with a covered with apple palm trees, representing the "tree of life" or " Know good and evil tree ". Later, the letter of life in the "tree of life" moved to the home, Pine Christmas Tree a symbol of the arrival of the savior. With the development of this symbol, to the fifteenth century, decorated pine trees, it has become a custom.

Pine Tree Trees pointed to the kingdom of heaven. The stars dotted on the top of the tree represent the special star that guides the wise man to Bethlehem's search for Jesus. Pine Christmas Tree The light of the stars means to bring the world to the light of Jesus Christ. The gift under the tree represents the gift of God through the only son of the world: hope, love, joy and peace. So when Christmas people decorate the pine trees.

A legend about the origin of the tree of pine trees: It is said that a farmer had received a hungry and hungry child in a snowy Christmas night where he had a hearty Christmas dinner, and the child had a farewell fir On the ground and blessed said: "New Year's Day, the gift of the branches, Pine Christmas Tree leaving this beautiful Sugimura, repay your kindness." Child left, the farmer found that tree branches actually turned into a small tree, he only understand their reception The original is a messenger of God. This story becomes the source of the pine tree. Later historical data are inferred, about 200 years in the year, began to use branches as ornaments, as a way to celebrate Christmas.

An evergreen tree with fir trees or pines made up with candles and ornaments as part of a Christmas celebration. The modern pine tree originated in Germany. On December 24 every year, the Germans set up a fir tree (the tree of the Garden of Eden) at home and put the biscuits on it, Pine Christmas Tree symbolizing the sanctuary (the mark of the Christian atonement). Modern use of all kinds of cookies instead of holy cookies, but also often add a symbol of Christ candles. In addition, the interior also has a Christmas tower, is a wooden triangle structure, there are many small grid placed Christ statue, the tower decorated with evergreen branches and leaves, candles and a star. By the 16th century, Christmas towers and Eden trees were merged into pine trees for the tree.

The pine trees on the decoration of the tree, the world seems to be similar. Pine trees are used in evergreen trees, mostly four or five feet high small palm trees, or small pine trees, planted in a large flower pot inside, the tree is full of colorful candles or small lights, and then hang all kinds A variety of decorations and ribbons, as well as children's toys, and family gifts. After the decoration is good, on the corner of the living room. If it is placed in the church, auditorium, or public places, pine trees are relatively tall, but the tree can also be placed under the gift.