The Fiber Tree Has A Dazzling Color

The fiber optic Christmas tree comprises a plurality of branches, each of which is provided with a plurality of leaves, a tree stem and a flower pot for fixing the tree stem, characterized in that each of the plurality of branches The root branches are formed by combining a plurality of optical fibers and at least one supporting rod; each of the plurality of optical fibers in the bundle is bonded to a leaf on the branch; Fiber Optic Christmas Tree the tree The rod is formed by converging the optical fibers constituting the plurality of branches, and the tree rod contains at least one supporting main bar; a color adjustable electric light source is arranged under the tree bar and located in the flower pot; A fixing member is provided outside the branches and the tree rod.

Fiber tree has a high security, energy saving, color changes and diverse characteristics, it has a base pot, AC adapter, color lights, color pots and other components, it is tied with fiber in the Christmas tree Christmas tree, the use of optical fiber light transmission Features, through the Christmas tree at the end of the pot lights light source, shot in the color above the color pot, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree transported to the end of the fiber to illuminate the Christmas tree, because the pot is rotating so the Christmas tree on the fiber revealed a variety of colors of light, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree Forming a dazzling color of the Christmas tree.

The optical fiber Christmas tree is characterized by comprising: a basin having an upper end face formed with an opening communicating with the space inside the basin; an optical fiber tree consisting of a bundle of fibers or more and a tree trunk, The multi-mode discoloration device is arranged in the basin, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree and the light source is located in the opening of the base, mainly composed of the light source, which is arranged in the opening of the basin, One or more light emitting diodes, one driving circuit, and each of the light emitting diodes is centrally corresponding to the opening position of the pedestal.

Christmas ornaments decorated with Christmas, especially in recent years, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree the prevalence of electric toys, Christmas jewelry has also been electronic, a simple change in ornaments or ornaments as ornaments.

Optical fiber Christmas tree As the branches and tree towers are made of optical fiber, and each of its optical fiber and a leaf phase bonding, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree under the tree with a color adjustable electric light source, so each light fiber in the light source Under the action of its adhesion in the leaves of the head issued a colorful point light source, so the utility model is not only novel structure, but also full of freshness.

The light of the optical fiber is guided to form a dazzling optical fiber tree by the optical fiber light guide property. Since the motor 63 is rotated by the rotation of the color wheel 62, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree the color of the light is changed at any time, and the color of the optical fiber tree changes Change the single color fiber Christmas tree gives a simple decoration of the dull impression. However, Fiber Optic Christmas Tree the previously disclosed discuscripts of the variable color fiber offer an interesting discoloration effect