The Importance Of Christmas Tree Lights

1, the first is to choose the appropriate location at home furnishing Christmas tree.

You can push the door from the door to see where the first place often falls at home, where the place is the light gathering, this time we can put the Christmas tree in there, but, such as the edge of the fireplace or window On the edge of the wall, is also the right place.

2, select the appropriate Christmas tree lights.

The decoration of the festival should reflect your personal preferences. If you like the more traditional style, choose to use the kind of big different colors of incandescent bulbs; Christmas Tree With Light if you want to save energy to save the planet, choose energy-saving LED Christmas tree light bar.

3, how many Christmas tree lights

Expert Tip: 7 feet high Christmas tree, at least use 500 small lights; each higher than 1 foot will increase 100. If you like a more brilliant look, you can use 150 bulbs per foot high. Of course, the width of the Christmas tree should also be included, Christmas Tree With Light the larger the week the Christmas tree, the more bulbs needed.

4, ready tools

Every year in the United States, because the decoration of the Christmas tree injured to the emergency number of more than 15,000, therefore, in the decoration of the Christmas tree remember to prepare the appropriate tools. Such as the use of electric ladder rather than casually to find a stool to pad high; the use of standard wire and power extension cord; each string of Christmas tree lights on the bulb can not pick too much, about 500 for a string, Christmas Tree With Light if you need more To be divided into multiple strings are connected to the plug.

5, the Christmas tree lights up together

Will be wrapped in the Christmas tree on the first Christmas tree lights into a ball, it sounds a bit redundant. In fact, this can be avoided in the decoration of the Christmas tree lights between the tangled together, in addition, it is convenient to take the clock tree lights, hand winding, not mess, Christmas Tree With Light braving the risk of tripping their own.

6, simple winding method

First turn the Christmas tree lights, so that when you can intuitively see the formation of the pattern, from the top of the tree down to decorate.

If the Christmas tree in the corner, you can from the side of the tree involved to the other side, Christmas Tree With Light along the front of the Christmas tree has been decorated to the bottom can be.

If the Christmas tree is placed in front of the window, you can walk around the tree 360 degrees, before and after you can see the light.

Like chic vertical lines Is also very simple, but the spacing below the line to be larger, in order to match the shape of the tree.

Want to make the light a little 3D sense, Christmas Tree With Light you can wrap between the branches of the tree tree lights.

In short, your holiday you like it.

7, the lighting arrangement of the advanced prompt

a, will be different colors of the Christmas tree lights wrapped together more beautiful. White Christmas tree lights, and then add a monochrome or multi-color Christmas tree lights above.

b, with a rechargeable LET lamp, wire hanger and some nails to produce a variety of shapes of art Christmas tree lights. First cut the hook on the top of the hanger, and then twist it into a tree, star or other shape with pliers, and then wrapped around the Christmas tree lights, and finally hanging on the edge of the bookshelf or the edge of the window.

c, the Christmas tree lights wrapped in the tree outdoors. First wrapped around the trunk, Christmas Tree With Light and then wrapped toward the end of the branches. After the night, you can see the whole tree is lit up, like a fairy tale effect.

8, after the season admission

Usually before Valentine's Day, to the Christmas tree to remove these decorative lights. To clean up the tree when the tree from the bottom of the tree began to slowly turn the Christmas tree lights into a ball, Christmas Tree With Light and finally can be a reasonable way to collect in the cupboard next year and then use.