The Origin Of The Christmas Tree

Modern Christmas tree originated in Germany. On December 24 of the year, the Germans arranged a fir tree at home and hung the biscuits on top, symbolizing the sanctuary.

Modern use of all kinds of cookies instead of holy bread, but also often added a symbol of Christ candles. In addition, the interior also has a Christmas tower, is a wooden triangle structure, Christmas Tree there are many small grid placed Christ statue, the tower decorated with evergreen foliage, candles and a star.

By the 16th century, Christmas towers and Eden trees were merged into Christmas trees.

In the 18th century, this custom began popular in the German faithful believers, Christmas Tree popular to the 19th century, the country became a deep-rooted tradition.

In the early nineteenth century, the Christmas tree spread to England; Christmas Tree in the mid-19th century, Queen Victoria's husband, the German prince Albert to promote the popularity.

And as early as the 17th century Christmas tree by the German immigrants to North America, to the 19th century is widely popular. In Austria, Switzerland, Poland and the Netherlands are also popular.

Traditionally, Christmas trees will be erected until Christmas Eve and then removed after 12 nights (January 6). Both the advance and the postponement are considered unlucky. However, Christmas Tree the modern Christmas shopping season for most stores at the end of October put up the Christmas set up.

Natural or artificial trees can be used as Christmas trees. Silver fir, white fir, cold mountain, spruce, pine, pine and other tree species is the most commonly used Christmas tree species.

Today, only the US demand for Christmas trees there are 3300-36 million trees, Europe is as high as 5000-6000 million trees. Every Christmas, the cost of buying trees on each country is in billion units (euro / dollar)

In the Christmas market in Dortmund, there is a huge Christmas tree, Christmas Tree it is 45 meters tall, of course, this tree is not natural growth, but by the combination of 1700 spruce.

In addition to the European square will generally arrange a large Christmas tree, the Americans also like to arrange large-scale Christmas tree in important occasions.

In the self-arranged Christmas lights, do not insert too many string lights, so as not to burn the bulb over load. Decorative Christmas lights, you should first test the light string is normal. Christmas Tree After the decoration is finished, it is recommended that you gently shake the ornaments have been firmly decorated in the tree.

Today, the Christmas tree has become an indispensable decoration of Christmas, and every Christmas approaching, many shopping malls, the family has a Christmas tree as a decoration. Although the size of the tree is different, the decorations on the tree are also different, do not know you found no - there is one thing in common: the tree has a star on top.

But why should there be a star? What does this star mean?

 Why is there a star on top of the Christmas tree?

When Jesus was born, there were bright stars in the sky, and the three priests and shepherds of the Orient were able to find Jesus. The top of each tree must have a large star, like the sinking guide the East three Dr. found the stars of Jesus. But also in some countries abroad, the traditional customs, only the family of the Lord can put this hope star hanging, others can not preemptive.

What does this star mean?

This star is called "Bethlehem Star", and the birthplace of Jesus. The Bordeaux Star, the unusual image of Bethlehem, is recorded in the Biblical New Testament Matthew Chapter II. Legend about two thousand years ago, when Jesus was born in the stables, a bright star led the Eastern PhDs to find the newly born Jesus.

That's why the Christmas tree always has a star - the original Christmas is to celebrate the birth of Jesus!