The Origin Of The Christmas Tree

It was said that a farmer had received a hungry boy in a snowy Christmas night where he had eaten a sumptuous Christmas dinner, and the child had bid farewell to a fir tree branch and blessed and said, In this day, the gift is full of branches, leaving this beautiful fir village, repay your kindness.

After the child left, the farmer found that the tree branches turned into a small tree, he realized that his reception was originally a messenger of God. Christmas Tree This story is the source of the Christmas tree. Christmas socks legend

A long time ago there was a kindly aristocrat, his wife died of illness, leaving him and his three daughters. The nobility tried a lot of inventions, failed, but also depleted the money, so they had to move to a farmhouse, his daughters had to cook, sewing and cleaning.

A few years later, the daughters went to the age of marriage, Christmas Tree the father has become more depressed, because he did not have money to their daughters to buy dowry. One night, the daughters washed the dresses and hung the stockings in front of the fireplace. After the saints Nicholas knew their father's situation, they came to their house that night. He saw the family from the window asleep, and noticed the girls' stockings. Immediately, he took out three bags of gold from his pocket from the chimney on a cast, just fall in the girls in the stockings.

The next morning, the daughters woke up to find their stockings filled with gold, enough for them to buy dowry. The aristocracy and therefore can see his daughter married, Christmas Tree from then on to live a happy life.

Later, the children around the world have inherited the tradition of hanging Christmas socks. In some countries the children have other similar customs, such as in France, the children put the shoes next to the fireplace and so on.

A magical legend about the Christmas tree

Christmas comes from the Christian Bible, the Christmas tree is based on the Christmas custom records, from the white cold city road on a small palm tree.

According to the relevant documents, in the day before the birth of Jesus, the Virgin Mary and then her friend of St. Joseph in the course of the journey, had a very hard. At this time, Christmas Tree they walk to the white city, has been very tired. Therefore, Mary decided to sit on the roadside of a palm tree, rest for a while and then hurry. However, at this time, little brown tree like a person's thinking, slowly start its branches, for the Maria and St. Joseph to block the cold, so that the Virgin to avoid the cold wind attack. On this one night, Jesus was born. At this point, a bright star will send her light to the top of the brown tree, unusually beautiful magic. Since then, the Christmas tree is popular in Christmas in a place. Until today, a variety of Christmas trees have been in December, and give us unlimited reverie and happiness.