The Winding Method Of Christmas Tree Lamp

More and more people with the Christ wind Christmas, inevitably to decorate the Christmas tree fee. The Christmas tree lamp is the most basic decoration, the proportion is suitable, the winding hanging graceful Christmas tree lamp can make the festival more moving and more shiny. But how much is the Christmas tree lamp, how to choose how to wrap it? Here we illustrate some of the basics of Christmas tree lights in a graphical way.

1, the first is to choose the right place to decorate the Christmas tree.

You can push the door through the doorway to see where the first eye often falls at home, where the light is gathered, and this time we can place the Christmas tree there, but, Christmas Tree With Light like the edge of the fireplace or the window wall, is the right place.

2, choose the right Christmas tree lights.

The decoration of the festival should reflect your personal preference. If you prefer a more traditional style, choose an incandescent bulb with a wide variety of colors, Christmas Tree With Light and if you want to save energy saving the planet, choose an energy-efficient LED Christmas tree lamp.

3, how many lights do you need?

Expert TIP: The 7-foot-tall Christmas tree, at least 500 small lights, each 1 feet higher than 100. If you like a brighter look, you can use 150 of bulbs per foot. Of course, also to calculate the width of the Christmas tree, the larger the circumference of the Christmas tree, Christmas Tree With Light the more the bulb needs.

4, get the tools ready.

Every year in the United States, the number of people who are injured in the decoration of the Christmas tree is over 15,000, so remember to prepare the right tools before decorating the Christmas tree. For example, use an electrician's ladder instead of a stool to elevate it, Christmas Tree With Light use a standard wire and power extension; the light bulb on every Christmas tree can not be too much, about 500 is a string, if more need to be divided into several strings to connect to the plug.

5, the Christmas tree lights up the regiment

The Christmas tree lamp that would have been wrapped around the Christmas tree was first set in a group, which sounded superfluous. In fact, this can be avoided in the decoration of the Christmas tree lights tangled together, in addition, Christmas Tree With Light also easy to take the Christmas tree lamp, one hand winding, not messy, risking the risk of tripping themselves.

6, simple winding method

First, the Christmas tree lamp power, so that in the winding time you can visually see the pattern of formation, from the top of the tree decorated downward.

If the Christmas tree is placed in a corner, Christmas Tree With Light it can be pulled from one side of the tree to the other side, along the front of the Christmas tree to the bottom.

If the Christmas tree is in front of the window, you can twist the tree 360 degrees and see the lights back and forth.

Like the chic vertical line? Also very simple, just the line below the spacing to be larger, in order to match the shape of the tree.

To make the lights a bit 3D, you can wrap the tree lights between the branches.

In a word, you enjoy your holiday.

7, the lighting arrangement of the advanced tips

A, it is more beautiful to wrap the different colors of the Christmas tree lights together. White Christmas tree Lights are the main, Christmas Tree With Light and then add a monochrome or multicolor Christmas tree lights.

B, use rechargeable let lights, wire hangers and nails to make various shapes of art Christmas tree lights. Cut the hook above the hanger and twist it into a tree, star or other shape with a clamp, then twist the Christmas tree lamp, and hang it at the edge of the bookshelf or the edge of the window.

C, wrap the Christmas tree lights around the outdoors. Wrap the trunk first, then twist it toward the end of the branch. After nightfall, Christmas Tree With Light you can see the whole tree lit up like a fairytale effect.

8, after the season to receive

Usually before Valentine's Day, to remove these decorative lights of the Christmas tree. Clean up the Christmas tree lights from the bottom of the tree start, slowly winding the Christmas tree lamp into a regiment, finally can be all rational in the cabinet in the next year to use.