Parachute Hammock

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THIS is a very comfortable and easy to use hammock. We use a nylon parachute material that is very breathable, soft, and lightweight. It uses a whoopie sling rope system that is very easy to use and reduces stretch. The whoopie sling rope system does not use any knots because it is based of the same idea as a Chinese finger trap. One rope runs on the inside of the other so the more force that is applied the tighter the outside rope gets on the inside rope. Our rope system also reduces stretch by using a polyester rope system. Polyester is superior to a nylon rope system because once you hang your hammock the ropes will stretch very little. Nylon rope systems have the problem that you can hang the hammock very tight between two trees and then after a few minutes you would be hitting the ground. With a polyester rope system you place it between the trees like you want and it will move down very little from the way you positioned it. The Model 302 comes complete with everything you need to hang your hammock and fits all into one convenient bag that is attached to the side
• Two Person Nylon Hammock - Very Breathable and Soft
• One Year Warranty
• Easy-to-Use
• No Knot Tying
• All Inclusive System
• Includes Suspension System (Whoopie Slings, Webbing, and Carabiners)
• Holds up to 400 Ibs
• Triple Stitched
• White Polyester Rope Adustable from 5' to 15'
• Two Pieces of Polyester Webbing (4' Each)
• Dimensions (L x W) 9' 2'' x 6' 4''
• Weight 29 oz - Everything (Ropes, Webbing, Hammock, and Carabiner)